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      Kim Gladfelter

      Kim Gladfelter, MPT, OCS, FAAOMPT




      A Personal Message from Neck & Shoulder Physical Therapist, Kim Gladfelter

      Dear Reader:

      • Are you worried about neck and shoulder pain that isn’t going away on its own, no matter how much 'rest' you've been told to get?
      • Do you ‘store your stress’ in your shoulders to the point where it causes constant pain and tightness?
      • Does it concern you that you’re losing sleep because of your shoulder pain because you can’t find a comfortable position to lay?
      • Are you frustrated that ‘physical therapy’, ‘chiropractic’, or acupuncture, hasn’t worked, and your pain seems to be getting worse?
      • Have you been diagnosed with a 'rotator cuff' injury and are having trouble exercising because of sharp pain?
      • Does it concern you that injections haven’t worked and you might be facing a dangerous surgery?

      If any of this sounds like you, and you are looking to finally get some relief from your neck and shoulder pain…and also find a permanent fix to your problem...

      Then I assure you, you’ve come to the right place.

      The number of people suffering from neck and shoulder problems every day is skyrocketing at a very alarming rate.

      And what’s worrying, I hear from people who suffer needlessly from neck and shoulder pain and are often told:

      • They are in pain because of their ‘age’ and they need to 'accept it'
      • To take these pills (which we know are addicting and dangerous)
      • 'Just rest, or do some stretches.'
      • You need to have 'pain-masking injections' to decrease the 'inflammation'
      • You need to have surgery (which can be dangerous, and in most cases completely unnecessary)

      However, neck and shoulder pain is much more complex than that...

      ...and if you are struggling to keep active, or worried about pain that isn’t going away...

      And you are someone who wants nothing more than just to get back to your normal, active lifestyle, then I assure you, you've come to the right place.

      At PhysioFit Physical Therapy & Wellness, we specialize in helping people age 40+ heal their neck and shoulder naturally, and return to their normal, active lifestyles without pills and surgery.

      We understand it can be difficult to know exactly what you should do when you’ve got a neck and shoulder injury. It can be overwhelming with the amount of options that are out there.

      • Friends tell you to try this product…
      • ...or family members tell you to go see this chiropractor...
      • …a co-worker mentions this Acupuncturist…
      • …a doctor says to try physical therapy…
      • …the 'experts' on YouTube tell you to try THIS stretch...
      • …and meanwhile, you may be told to take pain medication, or hear that you might need surgery (which could be dangerous, and in most cases completely unnecessary)

      It can be hard to decide to seek care, because you might be afraid of what may happen if you make the wrong decision.

      We Will Help You Make Sense Of It All,
      To Put Your Mind at Ease…

      Many people make the CRITICAL MISTAKE of only treating the 'symptom' of pain, and not taking the necessary time, or energy to understand the true, 'root causes' of the problem.

      When it comes to something as serious as neck and shoulder pain…

      Choosing the right provider, and getting the absolute best ‘non-invasive treatment’ could mean the difference between you getting back to your normal active lifestyle, or living a life on pain medication and needing a potentially life-altering surgery.

      Our goal at PhysioFit Physical Therapy & Wellness is not only to get rid of your pain, but also heal your body and give you a PERMANENT fix to your problems.

      We understand the human body has an AMAZING potential to heal on its own, as long as it is given the proper conditions and support to heal.

      Which is why here, at PhysioFit Physical Therapy & Wellness, we have created a process to get rid of your pain, or in chronic situations we teach you how to not let it control your life. 

      First, We Get To Know You

      We understand the frustrations out there in the medical system. It’s hard to get more than 15 minutes with a doctor, or even find a way to get the specialized care you need.

      And with most physical therapy clinics, treatments often feel rushed, impersonal, and not very focused…

      Which is why our first step… before we do anything… is to get to know you better.

      Because every single person who suffers from neck and shoulder pain is different. We all have different body types, past injuries, and different levels of pain tolerance.

      At PhysioFit Physical Therapy & Wellness, we understand that every single person is unique, which is why our first step is to get a deep understanding of what is happening to you, and how you want to feel. So we can create a plan that focuses around YOU and your goals.

      At PhysioFit Physical Therapy & Wellness, we have created an environment that was designed for healing.

      Which starts with having an open, honest conversation about your health.

      We want to make sure you’ll feel comfortable working with us, and to make sure that we will be a good fit, before we begin any form of treatment.

      Then, we take you through the 4 Phases of Recovery process.

      Phase 1. Patient Education And Pain Management

      This phase is where we focus on finding the root cause of your pain.

      It can be concerning if you’ve had neck and shoulder pain for a long time, and an x-ray, or an MRI might show 'arthritis' or, 'rotator cuff tears' or 'pinched nerves'.

      Many people are unaware these problems CAN get better, even if your doctor has said you either need surgery, or to just accept it.


      The body is very complex, and everything is truly ‘connected’.

      We often find there are other parts of your body that may not be working ‘correctly’, and makes your knee ‘compensate’ for these problems.

      Examples of this may include:

      • Old injuries which create ‘compensations’ in the way your shoulders sit
      • Scar tissue and stiffness that develop from chronic inflammation causing lack of mobility in your shoulders
      • Poor postures that cause muscle tightness which come from sitting for too long, or driving too many hours
      • 'Tight upper back muscles' which can pull on your shoulders and create strain without you knowing
      • Doing stretches or exercises that might be making your condition worse

      But for every single person, the ‘root cause’ may be a bit different. Because it depends on you, your injury history, your body type, and many other factors.

      Our goal is to get to the real cause of pain and eliminate it, so you can start your path to getting your mobility back, and return to the things you love the most.

      BEFORE you start to move, or exercise it is important to alleviate the PAIN with movement.

      We accomplish this through the use of 'manual' therapy techniques.

      What is Manual Therapy?

      Manual therapy is the art of using highly scientific, targeted techniques that will help you QUICKLY restore mobility, and alleviate pain with movement BEFORE you do any form of exercise.

      We use our hands, and different tools that will help you feel better by:

      • Breaking down scar tissue that has built up from old injuries
      • Unlocking stiff, cranky, and inflamed joints
      • Releasing tension in ‘knots’ or ‘muscle spasms’ that create discomfort

      These treatments work by removing the 'restrictions' from areas that are chronically injured. They will increase blood flow and circulation to these areas…which will improve the flow of oxygen and promote a much healthier environment for your tissues to heal.

      Our clients are usually SHOCKED to see how quickly their mobility returns after just a few short treatment sessions.

      No, it’s not like 'chiropractic'

      While we do have the ability to perform these types of 'cracking' techniques, our ‘manual therapy’ techniques are much more targeted to treat the ‘soft tissues’ which will take pressure OFF painful joints, instead of directly ‘adjusting’ an area.

      We have developed our manual treatment methods through years of practice and physical therapy training in order to give you the quickest, most effective, and safest way to restore your motion.

      Talk To Us On The Phone First

      Phase 2. Restore Mobility, Flexibility And Strength

      Most people make the critical mistake of believing that once the pain has decreased, that your body has healed.

      Nothing further could be from the truth!

      In this phase, we focus on hands-on treatment to help you quickly restore your mobility and ease pain with movement.

      People are usually told to ‘stretch’, or do some ‘core exercises’ for their neck and shoulder pain. But the problem is, it is impossible to do safe, effective exercise when you are in pain!

      And in some cases, doing the WRONG stretches or exercises can make the pain worse.

      Ask About Cost & Availability

      Phase 3:  Return To Normal Function & Activity Plus
      Restore Your Mind-Body Connection

      Most people don’t realize when neck and shoulder pain happens it affects your normal function and the connection from your body to your brain is also compromised.

      A lot of people wrongly assume that for shoulder pain, all you need to do is 'strengthen your rotator cuff' or to 'do some stretches' and think it’s enough to get rid of the pain for good…

      But when there is something as serious as chronic neck and shoulder pain…

      There is MUCH MORE to it than just doing some ‘exercises’ or some ‘stretches’…

      When people suffer from neck and shoulder pain for a long time, the brain learns to cope with it by trying to ‘compensate’.

      Examples of these “compensations” might be:

      • Using your neck muscles to lift your shoulder while exercising
      • Increased pain, or pressure while sitting in once place for too long
      • Having to constantly toss and turn in awkward positions just to be able to sleep through the night
      • Constantly feeling limited in your ability to lift your arm, pick up your kids or grandkids, or move freely without feeling the constant ‘sharp pain’ in your neck and shoulders
      • Or an inability to do normal exercises, or house chores because the neck and shoulders just doesn’t allow it to happen

      Why Does This Happen?

      Because your brain is trying to protect your body from doing movements it might consider harmful!

      Unfortunately, most ‘exercise protocols’ you may see on YouTube, or even in physical therapy, only focus on building ‘strength’, which does nothing to restore these very important mind-body connections.

      At PhysioFit Physical Therapy & Wellness, our balance and exercise program offers much more than a 'sheet of exercises', or some ‘core workouts’.

      We provide highly personalized, individualized, in-depth training of your movements in a safe, but also challenging (and rewarding) way.

      We do this by using advanced neuroscience and exercise physiology, and give you absolute laser focused attention on every single movement that you perform.

      This will allow you to QUICKLY:

      • Restore your confidence with ALL movements throughout the day that you may have been fearful, or guarded about
      • Help you return to exercising again, but with PROPER 'form, and technique’ so you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself as you get active again
      • Help you develop much more ‘body awareness’ so you can 'feel' when you are doing a movement improperly and correct it
      • ENJOY moving, and exercising again, instead of dreading it
      • Help you get back all the ‘little things’ that you may take for granted throughout the course of the day, like putting on your seatbelt or jacket, and playing with your kids and grandkids without constantly thinking about your neck and shoulders.
      Talk To Us On The Phone First

      Phase 4: Restore Your Quality of Life To Include
      Maintenance & Prevention of Injury

      We work best with people who are motivated, who have a strong desire to become active again, and with people who feel like their body has so much more to offer…but just feel stuck about what you should be doing.

      Our therapeutic exercise programs can help you to maintain what you have gained in physical therapy. This is an opportunity for an accountable program with private 1 on 1 or small group sessions. We provide an enjoyable exercise environment with people that prioritize staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

      If you are willing to put in a little bit of work, if you are willing to learn a bit about your body, and if you are ready to get back the quality of life you want, then you will be a great fit with us.

      And you can expect to see amazing transformations:

      • A life where you can sleep easily through the night without pain, or having to rely on muscle relaxants or painkillers
      • Get back to exercising again, but without any pain holding you back so you can finally get in shape again
      • Be able to play with and pick up your kids or grandkids, without the worry of your neck and shoulders going out
      • A life with better posture that will not only take pain away from your shoulders, but help you move, walk, and exercise with confidence
      • A life where you no longer have to carry the constant burden of stress, tension, or pain building up in your neck and shoulders
      • Restore long lost movement, and energy so you can keep up with friends and family again, without having your life dictated by constant neck and shoulder pain
      • A return to your active, normal, lifestyle, without having to take pills or bother the doctor for this problem again

      We offer a 20-Minute Discovery Session which comes at NO risk to you. We will have an honest conversation about your health to decide if we will be a good fit to work with each other.

      Request Discovery Session

      Dedicated to your health and restoration,

      Kim Gladfelter
      Neck & Shoulder Pain Physical Therapist

      “Hear From PhysioFit Clients Who Are Feeling More ACTIVE,
      And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

      "I had shoulder rotator cuff repair surgery and started physical therapy as soon as my surgeon cleared me. Prior excellent experience with PhysioFit therapists. Made it a no-brainer to return. Very painful, extremely limited mobility and no strength after surgery. Arm barely functional. I felt a sense that I was taking positive action to speed healing. I couldn't wait to be allowed to start therapy. Before I came to PhysioFit I understood that PT sped recover, relieved pain, sped up increased mobility and strength. I would tell anyone procrastinating about going in for Physical Therapy to convince your MD to write an RX. PT works for both acute and chronic physical problems. I liked the sense that I was taking assertive action; also like PhysioFit's supper staff. Talk to your MD and friends. DO NOT commit to a cause of physical therapy until you are prepared to work with your therapist. PT is a two-way street. Both of you must work. I was able to achieve a more rapid return to near normalcy for my shoulder. Also, rapid return to the gym and to golf. I'm a "gym rat" and love to exercise."

      William Hittchens
      William Hittchens 69, Los Altos

      "I had trigeminal neuralgia, which made most of the right side of my teeth hurt making it feel like I needed a root canal but there were no dental issues, which was scary. I was also nursing and didn’t want to treat with meds. I worked with Keya and Steph who are both amazing to reduce the tension in my back and neck. They provided exercises which helped to increase my strength and range of motion. The trigeminal neuralgia pain lessened over time and eventually went away. I also worked with PhysioFit while I was nursing and got clogged Milk Ducts as with my 1st pregnancy I got Mastitis and didn’t want to have to go on meds with my second child. My lactation consultant, Joanna Koch at PAMF told me about the block milk technique at PhysioFit and I never ended up with Mastitis again."

      Yvonne Schmidt
      Yvonne Schmidt 39, Menlo Park

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