Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment at PhysioFit Physical Therapy & Wellness

Neck pain and shoulder pain are extremely common, they also often go untreated for too long. Physical therapy can help through a variety of techniques.

Understanding Neck & Shoulder Pain

Neck pain and shoulder pain are common in today's world. We rely on our necks and shoulders to do many repetitive tasks throughout the day; whether it's turning our necks constantly while driving, or hunched over our keyboards, or worst yet, hunched over our cell phones.

Regular exercise is one of the most effective, evidence-based ways to alleviate pain in your neck and/or shoulder. But when your neck pain becomes too great, or your shoulder pain becomes too much, you might not be able to exercise at all—which can lead to increased sedentary activity and even more pain and dysfunction. 

Our team at PhysioFit Physical Therapy & Wellness can help you get out of this vicious cycle and find effective relief. Call us to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist and get started on your personalized neck and shoulder pain treatment plan. 

Signs & Symptoms

Neck and shoulder pain can present itself in many ways. If you are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms, physical therapy could be a great place to start. You may feel pain in the middle or on either side of your neck, but it may also extend to the shoulder or to the upper chest.

Other Symptoms:

Pain and stiffness

Numbness or tingling

Clicking and grating noises

Dizziness and blackouts

Muscle spasms

Why PhysioFit Physical Therapy?

You will have a private 1-1 evaluation with a physical therapist. The evaluation includes your medical history, a movement analysis, and an assessment of your posture, muscles, and nerves.


  • Stressed
  • Tense
  • Non-productive due to pain
  • Limited with activities
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  • Education on body awareness/ mechanics
  • Stretches and strengthening exercises to balance muscles 
  • Manual treatment to balance muscles, joints, and decompress nerves

Get your desired outcome

  • Feel safe to rotate head adequately while driving
  • Ability to focus on working without pain while at the computer
  • Able to return to reaching overhead when cooking and gardening
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If you feel disappointed, let down, or confused by the advice you've been given, you're not alone. I'd like to offer you my help… for FREE!"

Free Guide For Anyone Who Wants To End Neck & Shoulder Pain:

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Patient Stories

"I had been to Physiofit several years ago for a knee issue. I was very happy then and returned again when I needed PT for neck problems. I have had 3-4 different therapists and have been pleased with everyone. My therapist is very knowledgeable and focused on my progress, introducing various exercises and massage techniques to help my improvement. The front staff is always friendly and professional, acknowledging everyone immediately when they arrive. They also aid the PTs in a very caring and experienced manner. Physiofit is warm, welcoming, and professional at all times. I am grateful for their care."

S.D.  |  Los Altos, CA

I've been going to PhysioFit physical therapy for help with back and neck/shoulder issues for more than a year now. The physical therapists there are amazing (I've seen two of them) and I've also been working with two of the Pilates instructors there. As a team they have been amazing. I am much improved and am able to continue with normal daily activities and have been building strength.

T.D.  |  Los Altos, CA

"Kim, my PT/Pilates instructor is excellent and the rest of the staff are so friendly. The equipment is high quality. Overall fantastic place. The hands on therapy for my neck is very soothing."

K.M.  |  Los Altos, CA

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