Your health affects every aspect of how you live your life; from work, activities, and relationships. As a result, your health is the best long-term investment that is the foundation of your most priceless possession. Your well-being is not an expense. The more you invest in your health, the less you will need to invest in your illness later. This will improve your life and the lives of everyone around you. Be the best version of yourself for you and those closest to you. You deserve this happiness and peace of mind.
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Conditions We Treat

How Can We Help?


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Experiencing bladder, bowel, or digestive issues? Pain with intimacy?  See how Pelvic Floor PT can help!


Knee Pain

Tired of the tight, achy feeling in your knee? Walking with painful clicks? We have solutions to rebuild your knee strength!


Blocked Milk Ducts

Designed 100% by PhysioFit owner Kim Gladfelter, our block milk duct treatment is one of a kind. Learn more at the link below.


Foot & Ankle Pain

Are your ankles or feet feeling sore and tired? Feeling unstable? We have solutions to strengthen and rebalance your foot & ankle!


Pregnant & Postpartum

Whether you are a new mom or soon-to-be, you will benefit from any of our whole-body approaches to tackling symptoms. 


Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti is nothing to be embarrassed about. Fix your belly pooch and get your body back in shape!


Neck & Shoulder Pain

"Tech Neck"? Is your neck always in pain on one side? Don't let your symptoms get worse. Click the link below to get help today.


Back & Hip Pain

Back pain is the #1 reason people go on disability in America. Learn how we treat back pain using the link below.


Sport Injury

Sidelined by injury? We treat all types of sports injuries for athletes at all levels. There isn't a sports injury we can't treat!

That's not all...

See a complete list of our treatment areas here. If you have any questions, feel free to schedule a phone consultation using the button below.

Who We Help

  • Health-conscious people who believe in healing through movement without pain meds, injections, or surgeries.
  • “On-the-Go” Professionals
  • Active grandparents who want to keep up with grandkids
  • Athletes and weekend warriors who want to be fit and perform at their best

Who We Help

  • Health conscious people who believe in healing through movement without pain meds, injections, or surgeries.

  • “On-the-Go” Professionals

  • Active grandparents who want to keep up with grandkids

  • Athletes and weekend warriors who want to be fit and perform at their best

What You Won't Get At PhysioFit

  • You won’t be treated by a physical therapist treating 2-4 other people in the same room.
  • You won’t waste time playing musical chairs on​ ​useless machines.​
  • You won’t be with a therapist for 5-10 minutes, where they show you the same basic exercises they give to everyone – regardless of what YOU might actually be going through.
  • Your treatment will NEVER be influenced by what an insurance company will cover.
  • We’ll never tell you, “this just happens as we get older, just take some pain medication.”

Is physical Therapy Right For Me?

We realize some people may be “unsure” if physical therapy is the right option for them. Maybe you’re not sure it’ll work or you’ve had a bad experience in the past. If that sounds like you and you’d like to find out how we can help first, then request Discovery Visit.

What Our Clients Say

  • I've been coming for a few months now and I'm really impressed with the care I am receiving from Katrina. She gives me exercises that are challenging and helpful. I've already seen progress in the strength of my leg and a reduction in numbness in my foot from the disc pressure on my nerves. Overall, I appreciate the knowledgeable and dedicated therapists, the very friendly and helpful support staff, and the variety of equipment and treatments available.

    thumb Tere

    Love their Pilates instructors are professional, knowledgable and perceptive. Specially Lori. Their Physical Therapist have being very helpful when dealing with knee pain.

    thumb Liliana Paz

    very easy to communicate with the front desk staff, Shalini is a good physical therapist who takes time to listen, provide good advice and promote physical wellbeing for her clients.

    thumb claire tan
  • I have had treatment from both Allison and Janet. And they are amaizing. Great accessible location and they are always good with schedules and reschedules.

    thumb Raji Arasu

    Physiofit has been fantastic! Keya and Katrina prepared me for knee surgery and then helped me thru 2 knee replacements. The longer appointments and combination of manipulation, exercises and Pilates really made a huge difference in my recovery time.

    thumb Melanie Ercoli

    I have seen Katrina for pelvic floor physical therapy this past year, and have struggled with nocturia for 15+ years. Prior to seeing Katrina, I saw 3 different urologists who were not able to find a solution for my night time voiding. I was given so many different medications - none of them worked. The doctors just said my symptoms were due to menopause, which was very vague and didn’t make sense to me. Waking up several times a night (every 2 hours) to urinate was very disruptive to my sleep, SO very frustrating. As someone with a complex medical history, I didn't think there would be a solution, and thought I'd have to live with this. I was pretty much ready to give up, until I found Katrina! Katrina is a very holistic therapist, she is very kind, genuine, competent, listening to my story, and doesn’t treat me like a “cookbook” patient - she really takes her time and looks at your body holistically during the evaluation. She explains everything that she is doing, which is very helpful because I've been trying to find an answer to my problem for years! She provides visual images and videos to help me learn about my issue, using the pelvic floor model as well, as I'm a visual learner. She is also very accessible - if I have any questions, she will respond to my email within 24 hours. I am now able to sleep through the night without waking up. I also don't leak urine anymore, so I don't have to wear those annoying and expensive pads when I play tennis. I have more energy throughout the day to participate in activities with my friends, which is important to me. Thank you Katrina for being my therapist and friend, problem solving with me, and never giving up on me.

    thumb Katherine A
  • I found PhysioFit through my friend who also had clogged milk ducts. I was having a persistence clog that wouldn't resolve and needed to unclog it. I'm in healthcare myself and I've never heard of therapeutic ultrasound that delivers heat to break down the clog. I've only heard of diagnostic ultrasounds. Katrina who is the physical therapist I saw explained that it's not new technology but usually used in PT to help with sore tissues and muscles. Katrina used the therapeutic ultrasound and massaging technique to get both of my clogs out! I felt relief immediately! The sessions was an hour and I was afraid I'll be uncomfortable while she worked on the clog, but Katrina was full of energy and chatted with me the whole time! The sessions are pricey ($290/session) but they were upfront on the cost and did try to bill my insurance. But since I have HMO insurance it was considered out of network and did not cover the session. However they do take FSA card and sometimes offer promos! In the end, super glad this place offers this type of service for lactating mothers.

    thumb Alice K.

    This is great physical therapy!

    thumb Jennifer Jones

    Keya is a very professional, caring and highly skilled PT. She always helps me feel 100% better after my sessions with her. I’m so grateful to have her as my therapist. Thank you Keya. All the staff at PhysioFit are very helpful and courteous. One feels so welcome!

    thumb Rosanne Kapur
  • I'm very thankful to have had PhysioFit and Janet Perrino recommended to me for the physical therapy of my proximal humerus fracture. Having in office sessions focused on evaluating my progress, tuning the rehab I do on my own, and manual therapy is exactly what I was hoping for and is only possible because of Janet's knowledge and experience. It has been great!

    thumb Robert Strong

    I was lucky to find PhysioFit. They have a really professional staff that deals with all sorts of physical therapy needs. In particular I was in need of a person that understands male pelvic rehab, I found Katrina extremely professional therapist. If you are looking to get physical therapy, this would be a great choice.

    thumb Amir Fuhrmann

    For the past 10-12 years, at various times as needed, Physiofit has provided professional, highly skilled and effective physical therapy services for myself and my husband. Everyone on staff is attentive and cares for the clients. I can highly recommend their services. Ellen Barton

    thumb Ellen Barton

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