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Video Visits for Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Fitness

Video Visits, also known as Telehealth, has been an ideal option for many clients at PhysioFit Physical Therapy & Wellness. That’s right, no battling traffic, arranging rides, or taking extra time out of your schedule to commute.

Your Video Visit sessions are conducted via live video with your physical therapist or fitness instructor, just like you would video chat via FaceTime or Skype. Patients report that they love the convenience and that they get great care via Video Visits.

All you need is an internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with camera. The process is very easy!

What are the benefits of Video Visits?

People are attached to technology more than ever before. We live in an on-demand society. You want what you want, when you want it.

If you need immediate care, and your time is limited, especially if your priority is exercise prescription and general education/guidance a Video Visit may be for you. This is the next best option to an in person visit.

No transportation time or costs

Video Visits​ save you time and money while reducing frustration from long commutes in bumper to bumper traffic. No need to worry about being late to your appointment or getting back to work.

No need to take time away from daily responsibilities

Video Visits largely remove the need to take time off. You can have your appointment anywhere that offers sufficient privacy such as your office during your break or your bedroom while you’re little one is down for a nap. You can comply with your PT’s/therapeutic fitness instructor’s follow-up instructions and maintain your health without missing a day of work or wasting your precious paid time off.

Convenient for your lifestyle

​When you can see your physical therapist or therapeutic fitness instructor as often as you need to, without the challenges of coming in to PhysioFit, you can practice better management of lifestyle and any chronic conditions you might have, which improves your overall health and wellness.

Who are Video Visits for?

Video Visits are ideal for certain scenarios, and can be practiced in conjunction with in person sessions or solely as remote care after one in person visit. Here are a few common use cases:

  • Check in monitoring for your rehabilitative needs
  • Free Discovery Visits to get your questions answered to help make a decision about your healthcare needs
  • Therapeutic fitness and preventative services to maintain an active lifestyle
  • Post-discharge checkups
  • Post-surgical monitoring

What can we treat with Video Visits?

With Video Visits we can treat almost any condition that can be treated through traditional forms of physical therapy or therapeutic fitness. 

How much does it cost for a Video Visit?

The cost varies depending on the program appropriate for you. Call (650) 947-8500 for more information.

Can I bill the Video Visit to my insurance?

At this time Video Visits are cash-pay only.

Do I need a prescription?

If you live in California can see a physical therapist without a prescription. 

Can I use Video Visits if I have not ever been seen at ​PhysioFit in the past?

We recommend you come in for an office visit first, however, we may be able to accommodate you with a Video Visit if that is not possible. 

What information will I need to provide about my condition?

Once you are logged into the video ​platform​, you will answer a series of questions about your condition or situation.

How do I schedule a Video Visit​?

Do I need special equipment?

Just a smartphone, tablet, or computer equipped with a webcam.

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