Our 10 wishes for you this holiday season…

  1. We wish you a day of completely guilt-free eating and merry-making. Not ‘just because it’s Tis The Season’, but because there surely has to be at least one day a year where you get to eat what you choose without analyzing it.
  2. We wish you a big full-body hug from someone you love. And hope that you give one to somebody YOU love as well.
  3. We wish you fits of laughter as you share old stories with your family, chase somebody’s hysterical sugar-hyped child around the house pretending to ‘get them’, or maybe watch an old movie that you’ve always loved but never make time to stop for anymore.
  4. We wish you serenity and a sense of perspective that calms you and lends you understanding in the most difficult times.
  5. We wish you at least a day (and hopefully more) of not doing anything remotely work related. Not even thinking about it!
  6. We wish you at least 10 minutes, just for you, where nobody else is around and you lie flat on your back, stretch and think about whatever the heck you like.
  7. We wish you success in every facet of your life; satisfaction and contentment in everything you do.
  8. Truthfully? We wish you whatever it is that YOU long for this Holiday season.
  9. We wish you, at some point through the day, to have a feeling of complete and utter happiness. The realization that this is what it’s all about. Fun, family, friends, food and laughter!
  10. And finally, we wish you some sort of reminder of what this time of year is really all about, and why we celebrate it.

Happiest of Holidays!

Team PhysioFit

Kim Gladfelter

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