No Longer “Weak In The Knees”

If you suffer from osteoarthritis of the knees—a condition where inflammation causes a wearing away of the cartilage

You may struggle with pain on a regular basis. Although your doctor may have prescribed medication for pain, you will likely find that exercise can support your medication regimen.

Upon commencing a strengthening program, some individuals may even find that their dosage may be lessened or they experience enough pain reduction that medications are no longer needed.

Why are strengthening exercises important? For someone with osteoarthritis, strengthening exercises provide multiple benefits, such as

• improving strength in support of weak joints
• reducing pain and improving comfort
• protecting joints from future damage

When safely and carefully coordinated by a qualified physical therapist, strengthening exercises can increase muscle mass, without causing distress to the joints.

Isotonic exercises promote increased muscle strength through frequent, progressive repetitions, which may also include aids such as resistance bands or light weights. Although intensive, they can provide significant benefit.

For those persons who worry that they can’t exercise at all because they suffer from intense pain, there are appropriate exercises that avoid aggravating the joints.

Isometric exercises will provide better muscle strength without bending joints. This highly effective type of exercise approach utilizes isolated muscle contractions coupled with relaxed periods.

In addition to strengthening exercises, we may include other therapies.

Range-of-motion exercises improve joint mobility and encourage flexibility through gentle stretching.

Endurance exercises build stronger muscles and improve cardiovascular health.

By using these exercises, in conjunction with strengthening techniques, PhysioFit in Los Altos can provide you with the necessary tools to reduce osteoarthritis knee pain.

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