Introductory to Pilates Special

3 Private Sessions for $243

Three 55 Minute Private Sessions

Just getting started with PhysioFit or with Pilates in general? Try our introductory special of 3 private sessions with our amazing instructors to give you a taste of what we and what Pilates have to offer!

Why three sessions? Pilates is different than any other workout you have ever done. For this reason, it will take a few sessions to begin to understand what the Method is all about. After one session you may be confused, after two you will be intrigued, and after three you will be SOLD on the brilliance of the Method.

After all, Joseph Pilates always said:

In 10 Sessions You Will Feel The Difference,

In 20 You Will See The Difference,

And In 30 You'll Have A Whole New Body.

Introductory to Pilates Special for New Clients Only.

"I've been taking private Pilates lessons since Spring 2004. Then I switched to taking my lessons at PhysioFit about 2 years ago; did so because the instructors were more knowledgeable/had greater experience, plus there was good equipment and everything is very clean. I continue to be happy and challenged. "  

Linda M. Los Altos
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