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“I was totally skeptical coming in. Even a little resistant. But I had the best session ever. I keep waiting for “the catch”. Like, how could this have possibly worked within an hour– something that I’ve been carrying around, in and out of therapy, for years? But now, two months later, I still feel free of my burden. Before I left, I took a bunch of Divya’s business cards. I have a few friends who could really use her help!”
Los Altos, CA


I have been seeing Janet Perrino for multifaceted neuro-muscular-skeletal-joint issues combined with fibromyalgia. Janet’s knowledge of anatomy and how it affects the function of body parts is golden and unmatched by any other physical therapist or even doctors. She was able to quickly figure out my problems and find solutions that resulted in, pretty much, instant improvement and pain relief. Incredibly grateful for all the help and treatments.
Los Altos, CA

"I have been going to PhysioFit for many years. They are excellent and provide the best care for their clients. In addition the staff is very pleasant and they help with setting up schedule as well."

Srilatha R.

"I have had PT throughout my adult life and there has never been a more warm, caring and professional staff as I have had at PhysioFit. Now I am improving on my health and mental well being by attending some of their exercise classes run by once again highly trained professionals. I can't see myself going anywhere else or for that matter I have referred my friends to go to PhysioFit as well!"

Wendy Dematteis

"I had a Pilates class yesterday at PhysioFit and I enjoyed it a lot. As I've neglected exercise quite a bit in the lat few years, I had to work really hard. On the other hand, with Pilates it's always like that. You can always work harder on the movements. Anyhow, it was a great class and now I feel motivated to get back to regular exercising again. Thank you!"

Andrea Laczay

"PhysioFit has been a part of my "Wellness Life" for over five years. I know that Pilates - especially now with Reformer work - has made me more flexible, balanced and strong in my "core." I wish that I had been doing this during my busy working years. I am glad that I have become Pilates-proficient, thanks to PhysioFit and V!"

Lois Peterson

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