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Looking for IBS treatment in the Los Altos, CA area? If so, you are in luck; you just found the leading clinic for IBS treatment! Scroll down to learn how we put a stop to the pain & discomfort of IBS!

What is IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder that affects the large intestine. IBS can sometimes be tricky to diagnose because it has a bunch of symptoms that are similar to other conditions. Continue below to view signs and symptoms.

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Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) happens when bacteria that are usually found in the large intestine or elsewhere in the body starts to grow in the small intestine, resulting in the improper breakdown of certain foods. SIBO can impact your gut health in many different ways and, in some cases, can lead to malnutrition. While what causes SIBO is an excess of bacteria, there are many conditions that can lead to SIBO like irritable bowel syndrome.

The most common symptoms of SIBO are persistent abdominal pain, cramping, gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

Well-established research provides guidance on how to treat SIBO. There are various FDA-approved antibiotics available for treating SIBO and, in many cases, diet manipulation like low-fermentation SIBO diets has been shown to be effective, as well.

IBS & SIBO Cont.

SIBO and IBS are separate medical conditions, but they commonly coexist, can be connected, and share similar symptoms. That means that if you have been diagnosed with IBS, there is a strong likelihood that you have SIBO, as well.

Approximately 80% of IBS patients also have SIBO. In some cases, SIBO is a result of IBS, but in other cases, it’s not. IBS and SIBO are also distinguished based on the type of testing that is required to diagnose each. Clinicians often use a breath test to diagnose SIBO and an antibody blood test to diagnose irritable bowel syndrome. It is common for a patient to take both clinical tests together when diagnosing their GI symptoms.

The most common symptoms of SIBO are persistent abdominal pain, cramping, gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

Well-established research provides guidance on how to treat SIBO. There are various FDA-approved antibiotics available for treating SIBO and, in many cases, diet manipulation like low-fermentation SIBO diets has been shown to be effective, as well.

Signs & Symptoms of IBS 

Irritable bowel syndrome affects between 6–18% of people worldwide.  This condition involves changes in the frequency or form of bowel movements and lower abdominal pain.  Diet, stress, poor sleep, and changes in gut bacteria may all trigger symptoms.

Pain & Cramping


Constipation, or a straining pain during your bowel movements.

Alternating Constipation & Diarrhea.

Leaking stool or urine (incontinence).

Gas & Bloating

Feeling pain in your lower back with no other cause.

Food Intolerance

Fatigue & Difficulty Sleeping

Anxiety & Depression

IBS Treatment at PhysioFit

You will have a private 1-1 evaluation with a pelvic floor physical therapist. The evaluation includes your medical history, a movement analysis, and an assessment of your posture, muscles, and nerves. For patients with any of the symptoms mentioned above, we recommend seeking professional help as soon as possible to prevent things from worsening. 

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Three Types of Irritable Bowel Syndrome


(IBS with Constipation)

People with IBS-C suffer from constipation more often than diarrhea. Their digestive systems may contract more slowly than normal. Muscle contractions of the intestine are what help push food along through the digestive system. The longer food spends in the intestines, the more water gets absorbed out. This leads to hard, lumpy bowel movements that are difficult to pass.


(IBS with Diarrhea)

People with IBS-D suffer from diarrhea more often than constipation. Their digestive systems may contract too quickly. This may lead to loose, watery bowel movements.


(IBS with Mixed Bowel Habits)

People with IBS-M have equal episodes of constipation and diarrhea. In other words, they don’t have a “predominant” symptom. The speed of their digestive system is inconsistent, leading to these alternating symptoms.

No one size fits all treatment

IBS is a multifactorial condition for which there is not a one size fits all treatment.  Our pelvic floor specialized therapists will partner with you to create a customized treatment plan to manage your IBS symptoms. The treatment plan may include trigger point dry needling to the pelvis, hips, and back, pelvic floor exercise, biofeedback training, manual therapy to the pelvic floor, back, hips, and internal organs, education, and exercise program development.

Put IBS Symptoms Behind You For Good!

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IBS & Daily Lifestyle Habits

If you have IBS, it’s a good idea to get some exercise. Being active has many health benefits, including potential relief. You can try:


Walking is a great option if you’re new to exercise. It’s low impact and doesn’t require special equipment.

When done regularly, walking can manage stress and promote bowel movements.

In the 2015 follow-up study above, walking was the most common activity enjoyed by the participants with fewer symptoms.

Other exercises for IBS

In addition to walking, you can also try these exercises for IBS:

  • Jogging
  • Leisurely biking
  • Low impact aerobics
  • Leisurely swimming
  • Bodyweight workouts

People Who We Help:

→ On-the-Go Humans of all ages who want to be able to work, play, and laugh without IBS symptoms...and always worrying where the nearest restroom will be.

 → Health-Conscious Women who know that medication is not the long-term solution to their pelvic pain, bladder urgency, or constipation, and who feel let down by the health care system and want to GET BETTER!

 → Forward-Thinking Moms who realize that the sooner they take care of their postpartum bellies, bladders, backs, and bottoms, the less likely that they will have ongoing problems that prevent them from participating in every fun moment with their kids!

 → Self-Aware Athletes who want to achieve their fitness goals by addressing their pelvic floor issues, back pain, and hip pain, and putting the WHOLE PICTURE together so that they can move better, feel better, and perform better.

 → Gracefully Aging Adults who know that incontinence is not a normal part of aging, want to stay active, independent, and able to enjoy activities with family and friends for decades to come.

 → Women with As-Yet Unexplained Pelvic or Abdominal Pain who still want their life back, and are not giving up hope, even after seeing numerous health care practitioners and being told that it’s “in their head” or that pain medication is the only answer for them.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Well run, very experienced PTs. Great at listening to you and helping you on the road to recovery.

    Suzanne Cowan Avatar Suzanne Cowan

    very easy to communicate with the front desk staff, Shalini is a good physical therapist who takes time to listen, provide good advice and promote physical wellbeing for her clients.

    claire tan Avatar claire tan
  • I have had treatment from both Allison and Janet. And they are amaizing. Great accessible location and they are always good with schedules and reschedules.

    Raji Arasu Avatar Raji Arasu

    For the past 10-12 years, at various times as needed, Physiofit has provided professional, highly skilled and effective physical therapy services for myself and my husband. Everyone on staff is attentive and cares for the clients. I can highly recommend their services. Ellen Barton

    Ellen Barton Avatar Ellen Barton
  • This is great physical therapy!

    Jennifer Jones Avatar Jennifer Jones

    I was lucky to find PhysioFit. They have a really professional staff that deals with all sorts of physical therapy needs. In particular I was in need of a person that understands male pelvic rehab, I found Katrina extremely professional therapist. If you are looking to get physical therapy, this would be a great choice.

    Amir Fuhrmann Avatar Amir Fuhrmann
  • Love their Pilates instructors are professional, knowledgable and perceptive. Specially Lori. Their Physical Therapist have being very helpful when dealing with knee pain.

    Liliana Paz Avatar Liliana Paz

    I have seen Katrina for pelvic floor physical therapy this past year, and have struggled with nocturia for 15+ years. Prior to seeing Katrina, I saw 3 different urologists who were not able to find a solution for my night time voiding. I was given so many different medications - none of them worked. The doctors just said my symptoms were due to menopause, which was very vague and didn’t make sense to me. Waking up several times a night (every 2 hours) to urinate was very disruptive to my sleep, SO very frustrating. As someone with a complex medical history, I didn't think there would be a solution, and thought I'd have to live with this. I was pretty much ready to give up, until I found Katrina! Katrina is a very holistic therapist, she is very kind, genuine, competent, listening to my story, and doesn’t treat me like a “cookbook” patient - she really takes her time and looks at your body holistically during the evaluation. She explains everything that she is doing, which is very helpful because I've been trying to find an answer to my problem for years! She provides visual images and videos to help me learn about my issue, using the pelvic floor model as well, as I'm a visual learner. She is also very accessible - if I have any questions, she will respond to my email within 24 hours. I am now able to sleep through the night without waking up. I also don't leak urine anymore, so I don't have to wear those annoying and expensive pads when I play tennis. I have more energy throughout the day to participate in activities with my friends, which is important to me. Thank you Katrina for being my therapist and friend, problem solving with me, and never giving up on me.

    Katherine A Avatar Katherine A
  • I found PhysioFit through my friend who also had clogged milk ducts. I was having a persistence clog that wouldn't resolve and needed to unclog it. I'm in healthcare myself and I've never heard of therapeutic ultrasound that delivers heat to break down the clog. I've only heard of diagnostic ultrasounds. Katrina who is the physical therapist I saw explained that it's not new technology but usually used in PT to help with sore tissues and muscles. Katrina used the therapeutic ultrasound and massaging technique to get both of my clogs out! I felt relief immediately! The sessions was an hour and I was afraid I'll be uncomfortable while she worked on the clog, but Katrina was full of energy and chatted with me the whole time! The sessions are pricey ($290/session) but they were upfront on the cost and did try to bill my insurance. But since I have HMO insurance it was considered out of network and did not cover the session. However they do take FSA card and sometimes offer promos! In the end, super glad this place offers this type of service for lactating mothers.

    Alice K. Avatar Alice K.

    Physiofit has been fantastic! Keya and Katrina prepared me for knee surgery and then helped me thru 2 knee replacements. The longer appointments and combination of manipulation, exercises and Pilates really made a huge difference in my recovery time.

    Melanie Ercoli Avatar Melanie Ercoli

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