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Abundant opportunities to discover and grow in this group setting! The delicious appetizer to a fuller, personalized experience.  Join us for our upcoming group session!

When: Sunday, June 30th @ 12:30 PM PST

Where: Online/Virtual

Cost: $40

While a private hypnotherapy session provides space for interactive, customized care that a general group session cannot, there is still abundant opportunity for discovery and growth in group settings, and they may be the delicious appetizer to a fuller, personalized experience.  Join us for our upcoming group session!

When: June 30th @ 6:00 PM PST

Where: Online/Virtual

Cost: $40

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For these hypnotherapy group sessions, we will focus on:

  • Enjoying an environment supportive of all people with any issue

  • Education on the best practices of hypnotherapy and its benefits 

  • Relaxing deeply and how to return to that depth more quickly whenever desired

  • Identifying pain (physical, emotional, or both), disengaging from it, neutralizing it, and freeing oneself from it

  • Cleaning up any residue of the issue

  • Using "anchoring" techniques for future/ continued success

Following these sessions, most people report that they feel:

  • Renewed
  • Finally free
  • Healthier
  • Unburdened
  • Confident
  • More in charge of their life

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Meet Certified Hypnotherapist, Divya Zuccaro

In 1997 when I was certified for Relax With Yoga in the Integral Yoga tradition, I had only a hint of how genuine joy would pervade my life. Since then, I've been privileged to lead tens of thousands of yoga classes. I am the conceiver, co-creator, and happy proliferator of the Meditation Sampler program, and I feel especially fortunate to offer meditation guidance for women with cancer.  I’d call myself an optimistic realist, meaning I am acutely aware that life is not all roses, but I have personally experienced the support and deep healing that results from one’s frame (or reframe) of mind.

The state of mind is where possibilities are born. Inspired by the centering effects of yoga and meditation, I sought a way to invite these benefits to folks who might never sign up for a yoga class. Hypnotherapy would do exactly that and more! From 2015 onward, I have earned certifications for various methods of hypnotherapy, and I continue to expand my repertoire. Your vibrancy and whole-wellness are our shared purpose.



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