What Is Pilates?

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The essence of Pilates is proper breathing and control over your body and its muscles, with particular emphasis - on the abdomen. The method focuses on building a strong "Central Core" by strengthening your abdominal wall and spine. There are over 500 exercises, many based on Yoga and dance. Rather than many reps, each exercise is performed only a few times but with intense concentration on form and precision.

Pilates is now widely regarded as one the best ways to tone up weak muscles and give support to your back, neck and shoulder joints. At PhysioFit in Los Altos, Pilates is a central focus in how we deliver effective care and achieve positive results. We incorporate Pilates-based exercises into our physical therapy sessions as well as offer a variety of ongoing fitness options to help you reach your long-term goals.

Our classes involve a set of challenging and progressive exercises to allow you to learn to move your body and your spine safely. Pilates techniques affect the entire body. Instead of isolating muscle groups, the entire body is involved, integrating the upper and lower extremities with the core musculature. Mental imaging, focus and breathing patterns are used to reduce stress and unnecessary movement while emphasizing static or dynamic core stabilization. This includes an emphasis on coordinating abdominals, pelvic girdle and shoulder strength. The principle of strengthening while lengthening muscles is critical in providing long term benefit that carry over into improving your daily life.

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"I've been taking private Pilates lessons since Spring 2004. Then I switched to taking my lessons at PhysioFit about 2 years ago; did so because the instructors were more knowledgeable/had greater experience, plus there was good equipment and everything is very clean. I continue to be happy and challenged. "  

- Linda M., Los Altos

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Who Is Pilates For?

Pilates is for EVERYONE! Too often we hear some one say, I can’t do Pilates, it looks like it would be too hard for me or I’m not flexible enough or I’m not thin enough or I’m not strong enough. This is the whole reason you want to do Pilates. This amazing method of exercise was developed from the rehabilitation techniques of Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a safe, sensible exercise system using a floor mat or equipment, which will help you look and feel you’re very best. No matter what your age or condition, it WILL work for you. Pilates Improves core strength, Flexibility, agility, and economy of motion. It can even help alleviate back pain and other chronic ailments.

The Pilates method has caught on world wide. Current-day devotees include Kate Hudson, Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone, Cameron Diaz, and Sandra Bullock. What is extraordinary about Pilates is the broad appeal. Dancers do it to maintain flexibility and strength; athletes do it to gain endurance, and some do it to alleviate pain. Unlike running, weight training, or aerobics. Pilates is safe for the elderly, people with injuries, and even pregnant women. Pilates programs can be individualized to meet the specific needs of each person, with special consideration given to your age, fitness level and health condition. Finding yourself a certified Pilates instructor can help you create a resistance-based program that will challenge your mind and body simultaneously, leaving you feeling flexible, strong, and invigorated.

 “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”


Pilates Programs at PhysioFit in Los Altos

Pilates for Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists will guide you through Pilates-bases exercises to help you reduce or eliminate pain, prevent future injury and promote fitness. As we train you in therapeutic Pilates techniques, you will learn how to reach your rehabilitation goals by appropriately recruiting your muscles and producing efficient, safe movement.

Pilates for Ongoing Fitness

While attending small group or private sessions in our state-of-the-art Pilates gym, you will receive personalized attention from one of our certified Pilates instructors.

Wellness Programs at PhysioFit:

Pilates Mat Springboard -Pilates mat exercises focus on strengthening the muscles of the trunk (core) while increasing overall flexibility of both the spine and hips. The Springboard is a terrific tool for integrating the limbs into the workout, challenging the core and building strength in the hips and shoulder girdle.

Pilates Equipment Sessions (Reformer group or private) - Pilates equipment allows you to develop a more comprehensive, varied workout with an increased repertoire of exercises.

For clients new to Pilates Equipment sessions, 1-3 Introductory sessions or clearance from one of our instructors/therapists is required for participation in a Reformer Group.

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