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  • I'm very thankful to have had PhysioFit and Janet Perrino recommended to me for the physical therapy of my proximal humerus fracture. Having in office sessions focused on evaluating my progress, tuning the rehab I do on my own, and manual therapy is exactly what I was hoping for and is only possible because of Janet's knowledge and experience. It has been great!

    Robert Strong Avatar Robert Strong

    Great place to go for pilates. Excellent teachers.Plenty parking. Been a customer for over a year.

    Ellen Wagner Avatar Ellen Wagner

    I"ve not yet been able to visit in person but take streaming classes on Zoom. I will join in classes at PhysioFit after the SIP.

    Cheryl Klynn Avatar Cheryl Klynn
  • I love what Pilates has done for me! PhysioFit has made a huge impact on my health and well-being. I first went for physical therapy after breaking my ankle. My therapist recommended Pilates to help with balance and to strengthen my core. I’ve been doing Pilates with Lori Seymour three times a week for over five years and can’t imagine my life without it. Lori is an amazing teacher and has helped me become more aware of my body and what good body mechanics are. My posture is better, my balance has improved, I feel much stronger and I’m able to do more advanced exercises than I ever imagined. An added benefit is the friends I made in our three-times a week classes.

    Katherine Wurzburg Avatar Katherine Wurzburg

    I've been coming for a few months now and I'm really impressed with the care I am receiving from Katrina. She gives me exercises that are challenging and helpful. I've already seen progress in the strength of my leg and a reduction in numbness in my foot from the disc pressure on my nerves. Overall, I appreciate the knowledgeable and dedicated therapists, the very friendly and helpful support staff, and the variety of equipment and treatments available.

    Tere Avatar Tere

    I have had treatment from both Allison and Janet. And they are amaizing. Great accessible location and they are always good with schedules and reschedules.

    Raji Arasu Avatar Raji Arasu
  • I spent two months at PhysioFit, three days a week, after a knee replacement. Allison was fantastic. She nursed my knee back to health. She was compassionate and knowledgeable. She not only made the exercises easy to remember but also sent them to my computer which was most helpful. From the time you enter the front door until you are finished with your one hour session the employees make you feel at home and they all remembered my name after the first visit. I was most impressed that each session was performed in a private room. We did spend some time in their large gym room with lots of equipment. The one on one in a private room was so much better than other physical therapy locations I have attended where there is a mass of humanity in one large room with loud music playing. I plan on returning to PhysioFit for monthly tune ups and to keep current on their recommendations for future exercises to keep my knee in top shape.

    Terry Shuchat Avatar Terry Shuchat

    I started out with physical therapy for a broken ankle and was impressed at my progress and the therapists' flexibility in working with me and my ankle mobility as well as being very nice to work with. Then I started doing Pilates with a trainer. Initially we worked on fine tuning some ankle, foot work and refining small muscle movement which would add to the strength work I had done in PT. That is when I had an Aha with some small muscle movement awareness. Thanks to Physiofit PT and trainers

    N DT Avatar N DT

    I have taken physical therapy from Shalini Pachauri, DPT for my hand pain. She always listened to my problems and adopted different methods to heal my pain. I will definitely refer her to someone who is in need.

    Rashmi Agarwal Avatar Rashmi Agarwal
  • This is great physical therapy! I have been helped tremendously by Shalini, Keyla and a previous physical therapist. Very professional and thorough. I have severe problems with both my hip flexor and pelvic floor and how they intersect. I don’t know what I would’ve done without PhysioFit. They have been a life savor! —Jennifer J.

    Jennifer Jones Avatar Jennifer Jones

    Physiofit has been fantastic! Keya and Katrina prepared me for knee surgery and then helped me thru 2 knee replacements. The longer appointments and combination of manipulation, exercises and Pilates really made a huge difference in my recovery time.

    Melanie Ercoli Avatar Melanie Ercoli

    Over 12 sessions, Shalini was able to expertly identify, address, and come up with a thorough treatment plan which I’m happy to say has been very effective. Not only was Shalini knowledgeable and professional, she is personable, kind, and encouraging. I would highly recommend PhysioFit to anyone seeking PT, and also a positive experience with their Pilates as well. Well done, PhysioFit!

    Jessica Erickson Avatar Jessica Erickson
  • Love their Pilates instructors are professional, knowledgable and perceptive. Specially Lori. Their Physical Therapist have being very helpful when dealing with knee pain.

    Liliana Paz Avatar Liliana Paz

    I had an amazing experience at PhysioFit working with Katrina. Since my 2nd pregnancy three years ago, I haven't been able to recover from diastasis recti and have felt really insecure about my stomach area and weak in the core for years. In my first visit, Katrina diagnosed and measured my diastasis, and explained why the stomach exercises that I was doing weren't working. She then gave me a set of exercises to start with at home and over the next few weeks, ramped up to more challenging exercises as I started to get stronger in my core. Throughout the time that we worked together, she was extremely encouraging and patient while also correcting my form to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly. Not only am I on a path towards recovery, I also feel hopeful again! Thank you Katrina and PhysioFit!

    Verna Chung Avatar Verna Chung

    Alison does magic! She is a real healer. Her bodywork knowledge and experience are uncanny. She’ll go as many extra miles in treating her patients as it takes to nurture their bodies back to health. After many years looking to treat my neck and back issues I finally can move and do sports freely.

    Liza Khodel Avatar Liza Khodel
  • My Lacation consultant recommended this place to me, I didn’t know a place like this existed until then! Everyone is very friendly and the therapist helped me greatly! I’m glad I can rely on them to help manage my pain.

    KeAndra Pruss Avatar KeAndra Pruss

    I see Katrina Wong, and I have to tell you, this has been the best decision I've made this pregnancy, both for myself and for my ability to deliver VBAC. I have twins that I delivered via cesarean. That pregnancy did quite a bit of damage to my pelvis, and abdomen. I also have scar tissue and nerve damage from the surgery all of which has led me to having a very uncomfortable second pregnancy. Very early on I started to experience the same searing/ burning pain through my pelvis that I had near the end of my twin pregnancy and beyond. I also noticed that my abdomen was getting quite large earlier then I expected.. Everyone told me it was normal to get bigger faster the second time, but no one caught on that I was getting bigger because I have DR, including my OB.. But Katrina knew. Katrina has given me engaging core workouts which has been a tremendous help with the most basic of things like being able to roll over in bed, or go from sitting on the floor playing with my toddlers to standing. I'm now 38 weeks pregnant and feel less pain then I did at 28 weeks pregnant. I honestly look forward to my weekly appointments with her. She takes her time explaining what's causing certain issues I'm experiencing, she always prints out and emails me great info to go even further in depth to explain how things are working in my body. I feel so much more aware and ready to combat my pregnancy pains. Katrina is someone I will continue to work with postpartum too. She's highly skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to treating her patients with respect and kindness. She feels like a genuinely caring friend to me. I feel like I can tell her anything that's hurting even if it's embarrassing. Pelvic floor therapy is super personal and I feel that Katrina treats it with compassion and dignity. She's also been a great resource in prepping me for childbirth. If she were a doula or if I were allowed to have more people by my side during my delivery (COVID), I would ask Katrina if she could be there. I even told her I thought she should become a doula on top of what she already does. Pregnant mamas you are in good hands seeing Katrina. She will treat you in a safe way and help make your pregnancy feel so much more comfortable!

    Delia Papa Avatar Delia Papa

    Well run, very experienced PTs. Great at listening to you and helping you on the road to recovery.

    Suzanne Cowan Avatar Suzanne Cowan
  • very easy to communicate with the front desk staff, Shalini is a good physical therapist who takes time to listen, provide good advice and promote physical wellbeing for her clients.

    claire tan Avatar claire tan

    Wonderful physical therapist(s) and staff..Very caring and knowledgeable.

    Jean Nassi Avatar Jean Nassi

    A decade's old car accident (and age) was catching up to me and I decided it was time to find help. PhysioFit has restored so much of my health. I can do many things now that I had thought were gone from my life thanks to the physical therapy, therapeutic yoga, pilates and gyrotonics trainers. They are totally professional, coordinate with each other about my needs, and they make it fun. Having all these modalities under one roof is the only way to go. Thanks PhysioFit!

    Peggy Asprey Avatar Peggy Asprey
  • This is an excellent local business for physical therapy and wellness. I worked with the PhysioFit team to recover from an injury, and the physical therapists here are outstanding. They constantly adapt and customize the program to help the individual continue to progress. The PT sessions are a full 50 minutes of dedicated attention, unlike the model at some other clinics, which offer shorter sessions or group sessions. They also help with insurance billing. In addition to PT, they offer wellness coaching and small group classes (e.g., Yoga, Pilates), so they can help maintain/improve your physical wellness even when you don't have a need for physical therapy. If you are in need of PT or wellness help, give them a try!

    Brian M Avatar Brian M

    Janet is very experienced and a professional therapist. She understands the subject and the patient's issues very well. Her hands have magic. I highly recommend her.

    Ghanshyam Dass Avatar Ghanshyam Dass

    Great place to keep fit and Alexis’s is an awesome PT person.

    Vijaya Raghavan Avatar Vijaya Raghavan

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"I am delighted with the care I get from Keya. She is just wonderful! And it gives me hope that my pain will finally heal. Never knew that PT can be so good.
Los Altos, CA | October 2023

Eglantin Sack
"My therapist is the best she is professional and very knowledgeable doing my treatment and physical therapy I never had, her technique and cupping are awesome I feel so much better when I’m leaving after each treatment, other personals are so friendly, I love everything and everyone there, they made my day so much better Thanks for your hard-working."

I am so grateful I was able to get in for a massage when I called from Hawaii with a pinched nerve and neck and back pain. It helped tremendously. I've been a client of Physiofit for many years and have gotten wonderful help from the staff to help recover from ankle, knee, and broken hand issues. They also have a very stable staff of physical therapists who have been with them a long time, which I think speaks well for the company and for the consistently high quality of service we receive.
LOS ALTOS, CA | February 18, 2022

Sherry Langbein
"Had a great session with my therapist where she watched and examined what was going on with my body in different positions. She saw a couple of things that needed attention and gave me exercises to help them resolve. I found it very valuable and relieved some of my pain after the first visit."
 Sunnyvale, CA | March 4, 2022

"The staff is very friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable, Feels like I am getting updated state of the art knowledge and treatment."
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA | March 20, 2022

"I like your approach to physical improvement. I also think that you have helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff."
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA | March 14, 2022

"Many types of intervention are adapted to fit each client's individual needs. The best trainers and physical therapists I’ve worked with over many decades. My trainer, has been the first specialist who has been able to adapt and fine-tune my program so that I’m not in pain 24/7."
SUNNYVALE, CA | April 3, 2022

Vijaya Raghavan
"I have been a client of Physiofit for many years and in particular Janet. She is very professional and awesome."
Los Altos, CA | March 5, 2022

Lois Peterson
"I have been "doing" Pilates at PhysioFit for about 10 years in total. For the past 5 years, I have been doing a duo every Monday (except during Covid for too long) with V as my teacher. She is so knowledgeable about any and every aspect of keeping fit, balanced, and strong - in all of the right ways. Plus she is very patient with a (sometimes) slow learner. I am so glad to be back "in person" every Monday with V. Sincerely, Lois"
BELMONT, CA | March 11, 2022

"My physical therapist is knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. I also like the ability to do video visits and the list of exercises with videos."
LOS ALTOS, CA | March 19, 2022

Bonnie Allen
"I didn't know what to expect when I first walked in to take my first class. The other customer failed to show so I got a private class at the regular price. 🙂 I really needed the instruction as it had been a while since I had moved all the different muscles and joints in my body. The instructor I had was very knowledgeable and patient with me. She taught me a lot. The place was clean and everyone was very professional but warm. I hope to continue going there."
Mountain View, CA | February 16, 2022

"Wellness is more than taking vitamins. And it's certainly more than taking "medications!" Our aging bodies require exercise and often, our exercises seem to cause aches and pains. With physical feedback, we can improve our ability to treat our bodies correctly and bypass aches and pains. Our bodies do as well as our bodies can until- something happens. Our alignment might have changed or for some reason, our body isn't working as well as it used to. (ie-we ache) A reasonable approach to the situation is to determine the source of the problem in other words- engage a specialist who understands these things!) And, learn how to heal the problem and prevent future problems. I believe in prevention! PhysioFit prevents problems with knowledge-based programs that improve our overall health and wellbeing."
CUPERTINO, CA | February 14, 2022

Liliana Paz
"You have amazing Pilates instructors and therapists. I have been working with Lori for years and I keep learning every time. She helps me in so many ways, with posture, strength coordination, and equilibrium, and allows me to find muscles in my body that I had no idea existed."
LOS ALTOS, CA | April 6, 2022

"Excellent services. My improvement has been steady and amazing. The entire staff is incredible and my therapist, my Physio Therapist is absolutely wonderful!"
SAN JOSE, CA | March 3, 2022

"My therapist is so knowledgeable. She told me things about my body that no one else has ever told me. The information ties in with the trauma work I am doing in therapy. I am truly amazed at how my body is reflecting my emotional and mental work. I am eager to start her program for me and see some results. She is smart, kind, and easy for me to be with!"
Los Altos, CA | March 19, 2022

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