COVID-19 Update: Changes To Our Visitor Policy

Dear PhysioFit Family,

Our lives are changing rapidly in ways that were unthinkable just a few days ago. Our hearts are with so many people right now affected by the global pandemic. First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude to all the health care workers in our community, the heroes out on the front lines. We are extraordinarily grateful for all that you do.

Amid this crisis, there have been so many beautiful reminders about the incredible kindness and resilience of the human spirit, like the way communities have come together to ensure that people are fed and taken care of. While society practices social distancing and certain cities shut down, community is more important than ever. We want you to know that we are here for you and want to hear from you.

In order to comply with the Santa Clara County Shelter Order, PhysioFit Physical Therapy & Wellness will close the physical clinic Tuesday, March 17th through Tuesday, April 7th.

We still plan to serve our clients and we will continue to provide Physical Therapy and Wellness services through Video Visits, during this time.

Physical Therapy Video Visits help:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Increase your range of motion and strength
  • Provide an opportunity for you and your therapist to focus on ways to more independently manage your issue and how to help fix yourself

We know this situation has people nervous because of so much uncertainty. The BEST thing you can do is try to keep as normal a routine as possible. Staying ACTIVE, healthy and mobile is a GOOD thing and helps to decrease your stress and keep your immune system strong.

How can we be of service to you in this difficult time?

Whether it’s breath work to help you with anxiety or mindful movement to ensure you stretch, we are here to help you get through this. Please tell us what would be most meaningful to you.

Stay tuned for more details on video visits and some special video programs we are working on behind the scenes.

We will get through these uncertain times. Till then, take a deep breath, count your blessings and practice self care.

We will emerge stronger. Together.

With gratitude,

P.S. Our phone lines are open! Give us a call at (650) 947-8500, we're here to answer your questions about what to expect moving forward.

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