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Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop

Since sheltering-in-place, we've heard from a lot of people that they're experiencing more back and sciatica pain. Most people are having new aches and pains: 58% in the neck, 56% in the shoulder, and 55% in the back, compared to normal.

After all, it’s not just trying to do our office jobs hunched over our screens. It’s also the hours we’re spending glued to our screens for work meetings, social networking and Netflix binge-watching.

Unless you start thinking about your posture now, you may experience problems later.

During this virtual workshop you'll:

• Discover what actions are contributing to back pain

• Learn the most appropriate stretches

• Understand how to position your body to protect your back

• Learn 5 safe strengthening exercises to get started now

Tuesday,  July 28 • 12 Noon

$20 per person

(1 hour Zoom meeting)

Instructor: Nidhi Modi, Physical Therapist

***BONUS: Includes a private 15-Minute Pain Assessment To Support Fast Recovery (Value $95). During this time you can discuss your unique issues with a physical therapist.

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Buff Bones Springboard

Buff Bones® is a medically-endorsed, full body workout for bone strengthening and balance. It integrates Pilates, strength training, functional movement and rehabilitative exercise to improve the health and longevity of your bones and joints. It’s adaptable to varying levels and is safe for those with osteoporosis.

• Tone your arms, hips, back and abs
• Improve your posture
• Fortify your bones with Buff Bones!

Friday @ 12 pm

Class Limit 6

Alexis, Certified Buff Bones Instructor

"The Buff Bones class led by Alexis is excellent. I am learning new ways to keep my bones healthy. Alexis is always cheerful, knowledgeable, and helpful especially when I need corrections or additional instructions. I love everything about this class! Alexis, the Buff Bones work, and I enjoy the other participants and very helpful staff. Thank you for offering this class. I am truly enjoying it and PhysioFit's location."

Ann K, Mountain View

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Pilates Mat Springboard

The new Pilates Mat Springboard class has replaced and enhanced the traditional mat classes we will offer. 

Pilates mat exercises focus on strengthening the muscles of the trunk (core) while increasing overall flexibility of both the spine and hips.

A Pilates Springboard consists of a wall unit, complete with the springs from a Pilates Cadillac. One of the great benefits of the Springboard is the ability to change the tension to suit each client and each exercise.

The Springboard is a terrific tool for integrating your limbs into the workout, challenging your core and building strength in your hips and shoulder girdle. The variety of exercises is limitless.

Wednesday 10:30 am

Friday 9 am

Class Limit 6

Amie, Certified Pilates Instructor

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Yoga for Back Care

Primes you for a soothing night's rest. Mixed-level, modifying each pose and breath to suit individual needs.

All yoga classes begin with a creative discussion prompt based on yogic philosophy.

From there we move into gentle poses and breath awareness and end with a wonderful guided relaxation to reduce stress, tension and create peace.

Level 2/3

Tuesday 7 pm

Class Limit 8

Divya, Instructor

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Pilates Reformer Small Group

The Pilates Reformer is a machine that offers resistance and assistance, allowing you to take your body to the next level.

6:45 am Tuesday/Thursday & 7 am Friday, Intermediate
Designed for those free of injury or for those who are currently stable and have a firm knowledge of the modifications needed to perform the exercises safely. Participants challenge themselves while learning how to perfect their form and progress to some of the more advanced Pilates exercises.

7:45 am Tuesday/Thursday, Beginner
Appropriate for clients needing modifications. Participants challenge themselves while learning how to safely perfect their form and progress to some of the more intermediate Pilates exercises.

8:45 am Tuesday/Thursday, Advanced
Clients should have significant Pilates experience before participating. Not appropriate for clients new to Pilates or those needing extensive modifications.

Reformer classes are limited to only four clients, the highest quality instruction is provided with fun and camaraderie.

Come and learn about this fabulous piece of Pilates equipment!

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Fusion & Release

This class incorporates Pilates, Hanna Somatics, and Gyrotonic principals, at times using small props and a Pilates Springboard.

Moves slower to explore individual patterns and movement. Discover unconscious habits, learn to activate sleepy muscles, turn off the chronic tension and move efficiently.

Gain greater physical independence and mastery of movement, positioning and self-care. Improve comfort, posture, mobility, strength, coordination and balance, while reducing stress.

Tuesday 12 pm

Class Limit 6

Lori, GYROTONIC®/Pilates Instructor-Teacher Trainer, Hanna Somatic Educator®

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