Back Pain: Why physical therapy isn’t just about ending pain

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From our email bag, word for word, praise for our ​physical therapy team…

Hi Kim,

I love the way you run your business! The attention to detail and customer satisfaction is fantastic. Since I am also in a customer service business (real estate broker), I appreciate ​it​ takes extra effort and time and I’m saying as your consumer, I truly appreciate it.

This is my third or fourth time getting PT at PhysioFit. This time it’s for lower back/ right hip area pain and weakness. Shalini, assisted me the first few times. She is wonderfully kind and patient. I enjoyed working with her.

Janet has assisted me in the past, so I booked her when she is available. Today, I had an apt with Janet and as always I appreciated her expertise. My hip is strengthening from the assistance of these 2 excellent therapists.

Your articles in Town Crier are excellent public service info sharing. Keep up the good work. I’m glad you are here in our town.

-Ellen B, Los Altos


One of the BIG reasons why people LOVE to come and see us and ​the ​reason why our clinic often has a long waiting list is because we ​know ​that ​when ​people ​are​ looking for care and attention​…​they value someone taking the time​ ​to actually sit down and explain to them what is going wrong.

Finding out what’s happening with your lower back, especially if it’s a chronic (meaning it’s lasted a LONG time) issue, is the MOST important and valuable aspect of seeing a ​p​hysi​cal therapist​.

Once we’ve worked that out, and if you give us the time and follow through on what we advise, we can often ease pain quite easily.

Admittedly, sometimes it does take time and there should be NO false promises that it will happen quickly… but slow and steady is often the BEST way to get long term relief from back pain​. A​nd it seems ​Ellen​, in the above email, agrees​.​​​

If you’d like to get tips for relief from back pain, download our back pain guide.

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