Month: January 2017

Transitioning to Indoor Workouts as Weather Changes

can you do spinning workouts at home

While some Americans are able to exercise outdoors almost year round, most of us must start doing indoor workouts for at least a few months. Transitioning in some sports or activities is easier—or at least more obvious—than in others. Ocean swimming, for instance, is a little difficult to replicate indoors, but if you play tennis …

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Pain In The Mall

mall walking 1

As the outside temperatures drop, people contemplating undertaking an exercise program often consider walking at the mall. Benefits include a controlled climate, an absence of traffic, security and easily available restrooms and water. However, starting a new walking program can sometimes bring on shin splints, pain at the front of the lower leg. Mall walkers are most likely to develop shin pain from: • improperly …

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What Is a Trapped Nerve?

pinched nerve shoulder 1

By creating a pathway from the brain to the limbs, nerves make muscles move and allow skin to feel sensations, including pain, temperature and pressure. A blocked, or “trapped,” pathway can impede the nerves’ normal processes, resulting in pain or reduced mobility. Nerves get trapped for a number of reasons, each of which creates its own …

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