10 Shows To Binge Watch During Quarantine

Just a few months ago, screen time was a source of concern. Now that the pandemic has forced many into social isolation, it’s a lifeline. Let’s face it, everyone has been binge watching shows to stay entertained and help pass the time. Here’s a list of the top 10 Netflix shows our team has been binge watching during quarantine:

 1.  Dead to Me
 2.  Hollywood
 3.  Into the Night
 4.  Money Heist
 5.  After Life
 6.  The Last Kingdom
 7.  Ozark
 8.  Tiger King
 9.  Love 101
10. Stranger Things

What shows have you been watching?

Which brings me to an amusing story one of our team members shared this morning…

Yesterday, Michelle’s husband announced to her…

“WE HAVE TO get a new sofa for our home theater because I just can’t take it anymore, my back hurts so bad on that sofa. It has to go!”

AND, he already had a new sofa picked out to show her online.

Michelle shared that since shelter-in-place, he’s been binge watching shows sitting in the worst crunched up position – even though she mentioned to him (at least 10 times) that he’s trashing his back sitting that way for hours. Nope, it didn’t dawn on him.

He said, “It’s the sofa’s fault and we need a new one!”

Now this is a very typical scenario. It’s definitely cheaper to learn how to control and prevent back pain since a new sofa won’t solve the problem. Even my brother-in-law had a similar situation, minus getting the new sofa.

If you or a loved one are experiencing new or worsening back pain or sciatica, there IS plenty you can do about it. 

Join us for our virtual BACK PAIN & SCIATICA WORKSHOP on Thursday, June 25th @ 12 Noon!

10 Shows To Binge During Quarantine

Here’s what you need to know…

  • You can’t rely on X-rays or MRI’s to give you the full story
  • “Arthritis” is rarely the problem
  • You can fix your back pain at naturally – WITHOUT pills, procedures, or surgery – even if you’ve been told it’s impossible!

During the virtual workshop you’ll:

  • Discover factors that contribute to your pain
  • Build body awareness/positioning to protect your back
  • Learn how you can support your back to reduce pain
  • Get started on some safe exercises to help reduce your back pain

Cost: $15 per person / 45 minutes

**Space is Limited**

It’s entirely virtual – enjoy from the comfort of your own home 🙂


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